Elena Gregusova is the founding member of the Gregus Creactive Group (GCG). GCG is an international group of professional artists working in the fields of exclusive original fashion, film & theatre costume creations, hand made jewellery as well as fine arts projects, photography, communication design and special environmental projects installations.

The “Wear the News™” life stage shows and static exhibitions and the possibility to create exclusive custom fine art and environmental objects and complex projects are the GCG guarantee for the one of a kind high-end original solutions to fulfill all your unique needs & expectations.

Please contact us for any information and inquiries regarding custom projects, artistic & fashion creations and complex visual solutions or any other interests in existing art objects, jewellery or fine art photographs.

elenagregusova@shaw.ca    or  gcg@shaw.ca

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Thanks for beautiful modeling to my daughter Barbara Gregusova, actreses and models Agam Darshi, Vicky Huang, Zara Durrani, Christine Chatelain and Rukiya, as well as Jennifer Magajes and Darlene Brister for the perfect professional make up.

Many thanks to Lexington models for the beautiful models Natalie, Zara, Chantelle, Talei, Teneile, Roeina, Roza, Alice, Alexandra and Shannon for the perfect job at the FMA Vancouver 2008 and to Olivia Smith, Alisha, Charity, Dominique, Liis, Lindsay, Natalie, Nicole, Olivia Pezentte, Rebecca, Renata, Victoria and Ida at the Olympic Victory Ceremony.