Elena Gregusova, an international award winning textile artist and fashion designer follows her strong environmental feelings in creation of her designs. The unique “Wear the News™” collection is Elena’s artistic reflection on contemporary world events. Using recycled international newspapers as her medium, Elena creates a wide array of extraordinary wearable sculptures inspired by diverse cultures, personalities and events of the world. In addition to her creations from newspaper, Elena also gives new life and meaning to discarded textiles with incorporating these cast-off pieces into new and wonderful designs and special high fashion collections. For the kids and youth fashion creations Elena invented her own styles and rules where natural look, colors and variability are the basics of her inspiration.

    For “Sound of Mozart” Elena Gregusova was awarded together with her husband photographer Martin Gregus with the “Slovak Union of Visual Arts Award 2007” and also won the Open Category at the “2007 Wearable Art Awards together with Strings of Stradivari in the Headpiece category. In 2009 the impressive "Queen of Queens" made exclusively from Financial Times newspaper won the Open Category and the People Choice Award and in 2010 “Dream Catcher” a creative transformation inspired by unique historical stories in Canadian native mythology won the Canadian Spirit Category. 

    In 2010 ten pieces of the “Wear the News™” collection were life showcased on the stage at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games Victory Ceremony in Vancouver.

Enviro Couture - July 18 - August 30, 2008

City Scape Gallery, North Vancouver, Canada

Wear the News™ at the FMA Vancouver - September 27, 2008

Fashion, Music and Art on one Stage, Vancouver, Canada

Wear the News™ - October 16, 2008

Exhibition Hall of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 "FT Business of Luxury Summit" in Monte Carlo, June 13-15, 2009

Salle des Etoilles, Sporting Monte-Carlo, Monaco

2010 Olympic Winter Games, BC Day, Victory Ceremony, February 14, 2010

BC Place Stadium, Vancouver, Canada

2010 "FT Business of Luxury Summit" in Los Angeles, June 13-15, 2010

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills,  California, USA